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October 07, 2008, 12:01 am

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Frequently Asked Questions about the Saint Blogger/ Billion Linker/ Pinoymodels/Devil Blogger


1.Who is the Saint Blogger/ Pinoymodels blogger?

Saint blogger/ Pinoymodels blogger is a code name for someone who is sent from above to guide fellow bloggers like him and to post about filipino models. He is a lanky guy living in Cebu City, Philippines. The code name started when there’s no other option to name his new blog. haha

2.Who really is Saint Blogger/ Pinoymodels blogger in real life?

Okay. Okay. He’s not anybody else but me; the one typing this right now. My name is Shawn Cabacci. Got it?

3.Is Shawn Cabacci really your real name?

No. Sorry for lying (OMG I forgot I’m a saint!). My real name is Seanjames Cabase Camello. I use that pen name anywhere and everywhere because it sounds better. Haha

4.So what other stuffs do enjoy?

Aside from wasting my precious time on fruitless blogging I enjoy reading books of Anne Rice, Piers Anthony, Terry Goodkind, Paulo Coelho and etc, watch funny and animated vids (one of my fave here) on youtube, surf for cool stuffs (like the ugliest celebrities in the world), do yoga IRREGULARLY, will start jogging next week, still learning foreign languages like Spanish( Yo soy muy bonito.) and Korean (Gyeongchal-eul bullyeo jusipsiyo. 경찰을 불러 주십시오) , coming late to school, and laughing about getting zeros on my auditing class tests.

5.Oops, are you still a student?

Do I sound like I’m frustrated, pot-bellied, bald-headed, old guy looking for dates on the net?

6.I speak Spanish too, you say “yo soy bonito”, are you really handsome?

I don’t want to brag but if you insist, click here.

No, I mean here.

7.Hey, do you like sex?

Oh my God, I’m a saint damn it!

8.Do you watch porn or blog about it?

OMG, stop it! You’re on the wrong side, Lick here to get diverted.

9.Anyway how long have you been blogging?

(Counting…)hmm. I started March of last year (2007), do the counting yourself will ya!

10.Do you find Blogging rewarding?

Yes, in the sense that I’ve got visitors reading my posts and commenting about it. No, because it’s a trade off between studying for tests and not getting zeros again and be a professional blogger someday.

11.Well, do you get “something” from blogging?

Some bloggers do earn cash. But me? Not yet. If you want me to earn click donate on the right sidebar.

12.Do you get visitors on your site?

That’s a pathetic question. You reading here is already a visit. Next question please…

13.How much traffic are you getting from this site?

Not so much yet. Your visit now counted. Anyway this is a new blog, I have just transferred from my old distraught one.

14.Can I lick you?

What the…

15.I, I, I mean can I link to you?

Sure thing. Just click the Ex links above. A do-follow Blogger? Click the Do Follow above.

16.What’s your fave part of your body?

My (tuuuut). It’s large. Don’t think otherwise with your pornographic memory you $%*&#$%^^&^%#$! What I mean is my brain. I don’t have a high IQ, but it surely is above 50. My brain is 99% porn, I I I mean water that’s why.

17. Can I go now?

You sound like I’m the one wasting your time when you are with mine.

18. So what will I do after this?

Just choose:

Link to me.

Request a model to get featured.

Donate to me if your rich.( click donate button on the left)

Shut down your computer.

And then leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

feature brent chua one more plzzz.....

shawn said...

okay... HIHI

shawn said...

ang dami namang requets nitong si brent chua... looks like im becoming a fan too... HIHIHi sige na nga... brent chua the third time!

Kareen said...

wahaha...shawn, amaw au ka....
nakakita nlng ko og porn site...hehe...funny btw xa shawn...
haha...SAINT!!!!!!!kuno!!!hehe... sexy au ka shawn, naa pay muscles...wahaha...michael jackson, duol duol ra sd shawn...joke...hehe

"Nayabag na ka?"...hehe

shawn said...

HAHA kareen thanks for reading my blog.. HAHA

Anonymous said...

hi saint blogger/sean/shawn! had fun reading ur profee...

keep up the good spirit on your blogging business and someday you'll be saying to us that money really does grow on trees (on your backyard, that is) hihi

take care!


Roland said...

hanggulo... ayaw magpakilala... san loc mo? ... sa Spain... i'll be there next month.

boychups said...

bading ka ba shawn?